JRV Inc. provides refrigerator and freezer solutions to the dairy, scientific, biomedical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, building materials, food and educational communities. We are partnered with the leading cold storage manufacturers and premiere service and product suppliers in each of our chosen markets. We constantly research and evaluate market trends and advances to ensure the highest quality, reliability and efficiency in the solutions we provide for our customers.


All equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest level of dependable quality


As a family owned business our interest is establishing long term relationships to serve your requirements

With many options available we strive to understand your needs and recommend the best solutions


Our products include under the counter and upright refrigerators and freezers as well as chest freezers. The freezers include both moderate cold (-40C) and ultra cold (-85C) product lines. Albeit a dairy, hospital, laboratory, manufacturing floor or blood bank , JRV, Inc has been working in those markets and supplying an unparalleled  selection of products.